We are a multinational company that specialises in making a significant impact on society by putting to use our compostable product line. Our compostable packaging products consist of different types of biodegradable corn starch products, including biodegradable accessories and items like diapers, biodegradable garbage bags, multi-purpose bags, bin liners, straws, gloves, coffee cups, bagasse, hamburger boxes, cutlery and compostable packaging that come in various designs.

Our goods are entirely produced from maize and other vegetable extracts with no chemical preservatives to assure our consumers of total compostability and fast biodegradability while creating a strong material that is similar to standard plastic. With that in mind, it’s a guarantee that our compostable products are extremely ecologically friendly because they have the capacity to degrade in H2O, CO2 and biomass.

Given that our Bonnie Bio compostable packaging products are made from renewable sources, they do not leach any hazardous compounds into the environment as they degrade. We also use soy-based ink in every print that we do, which is of course environmentally friendly in all aspects.

Why Choose Sustainable Alternatives

Before we get into that, we need to talk firstly about plastic. Unlike other contemporary materials, it’s expensive and takes a lot of resources to make. Natural gas, petroleum and the like are required to create plastic material, which itself pervades the environment on a huge scale because of the length of time it takes for it to degrade. On average, it would take up to 1,000 years for plastic to decompose completely, adding to the dangers that it would cause in the long run to the environment.

Environmental issues that we see all around us are the result of our careless use of resources and inappropriate disposal of waste materials. To address these challenges, we should be more mindful of the products that we are using in our everyday life. Let’s choose sustainable products.

Going after sustainable alternatives helps reduce world pollution. It’s economical and decreases energy costs. When we use products and services that use recycled materials as raw materials or resources, we are saving and conserving natural resources. More importantly, we learn how to lead a healthier life.

Bonnie Bio Australia
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Cleanstar Pty Ltd
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How You Can Make a Difference

The unabated environment-damaging human activities have contributed to an ever-increasing greenhouse effect, which has caused an alarming health hazard because of the pollution they cause. It is also why global warming and climate change have become the most talked about issues today. They’re also becoming particularly noticeable with the unpredictability of weather conditions resulting in natural disasters in the past few years.

By using sustainable items, you are making a conscientious effort at decreasing your carbon footprint. Aside from having a good influence on your surroundings, purchasing responsibly enhances your physical health as well. A simple change of purchase from traditional plastic products to compostable plastic bags, compostable packaging, biodegradable cutlery and biodegradable containers for food is one simple but big step toward changing your purchasing habits into better alternatives. Your life choices can ultimately encourage others to do the same and, when multiplied, can positively impact our world.

Let’s protect our environment from destruction and contribute to the preservation of our planet. Let’s make the shift now. Make the shift to Bonnie Bio compostable products.