The world is facing a serious environmental crisis.

We, at Bonnie Bio, want to be part of the solution. Our goal is to help reduce waste that will end up in the seas or landfills through the use of compostable packaging materials. Our products have two main characteristics that make them animal and environmentally friendly: compostable and natural.

Bonnie Bio is certified and compliant with biodegradable and composting standards. Our products conform with Australasian Bioplastics Association Quality Control AS 4736-2006 and AS 5810-2010. Moreover, our bag products are accredited for both industrial and backyard composting.

Good for the environment

Given that compostable products do not leave any harmful residue, you know it is good for the environment and not toxic to animals. Compost materials provide nutrients to the soil, which in turn benefits the plants. They also reduce waste materials that often end up in the waterways and soil.

Good for your business

Choosing compostable products, such as cutlery, cling wrap, bags or straws, over ordinary plastic containers shows your commitment to helping the environment. If you are a business owner, you know how packaging creates so much trash and harms the environment. Also, people are inclined to support businesses that are responsible and in tune with current issues. By choosing Bonnie Bio’s products, you can attract loyal consumers, knowing that they are making a difference when they support your business. Imagine using a compostable garbage bag and not feeling bad about it.


Bonnie Bio Australia
is a registered business name of:

Cleanstar Pty Ltd
59 Radford Road
Reservoir, VIC 3073
Ph: (03) 9460 5655
ABN: 51121002104

Why the Earth Loves Us?

When using compostable packaging or garbage bags, you are supporting sustainable living, which is key to keeping the environment less toxic.

Our products are made to be earth-friendly. Not only do they easily decompose, but they also provide essential nutrients that will help fertilize the soil. Compostable food packaging feeds the soil with its organic residue, and the breakdown usually takes weeks to months. For those who have their own compost at home, using compostable products will be an advantage. With Bonnie Bio, nothing will go to waste.

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If you wish to contribute positively by using environmentally friendly compostable packaging, you can start with us. Get more details about the range of products we offer. Contact us at Bonnie Bio is part of the Cleanstar family.