Benefits of Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Do you want a better way to chuck dog poop? Use biodegradables. Biodegradable dog poop bags are made out of plant-based materials or renewable sources, such as corn, vegetable oils and plant wastes. These bags reduce the environmental impact caused by non-degradable substances like plastics. 

Many dog owners are already aware of the harmful effects of plastic and chemicals on the planet. On the other hand, biodegradable dog poop bags are alternatives that decompose naturally in proper conditions. Microorganisms break down the material of these bags, thereby promoting an eco-friendlier environment. 

If you’re curious about biodegradable dog poop bags, the following is everything you need to know about the benefits of using them.

7 Advantages of Using Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

1. Decreased Carbon Emissions 

The first significant benefit of using biodegradable plastic bags is that it reduces carbon emissions into the air during the production process. These bags produce fewer carbon gases than plastic bags because of their natural and plant-based materials.

2. Energy Efficiency 

Although biodegradable plastic dog poop bags cost slightly higher, they require fewer amounts of energy and fossil fuels to produce. This results in less pollution and less energy waste.

3. Eco-Friendly

Compared to traditional plastic bags, biodegradables are non-toxic. Moreover, biodegradable plastic bags are completely recyclable and reusable. After the composting process, their materials can be used to manufacture new dog poop bags. These products are also easier to dispose of.

4. Simple to Use 

These bags are convenient for owners because they are easy to carry and can support a large load so that any dog can use them. For pet owners with a large yard, these dog poop bags help you clean after your pet. If you have a multi-pet household or need more than one bag for one dog, these biodegradable bags are packed in a roll with perforated edges to be torn off, similar to trash bags.

5. Convenient for Municipalities and Communities

Biodegradable poop bags are designed with easy to use dispensers, making them ideal for municipalities and business establishments. These bags can be mounted in strategic locations in public parks that allow dogs. Pet owners can simply tear off a bag when they enter the park and clean after their dog. Therefore, the parks remain clean and hygienic for everyone.

6. Durable

Many owners loathe having to pick up poop. If you use bags of inferior quality, you might also have to double the bag and use twice the materials. Worse, you might even be compelled to revert to plastic. Manufacturers design their biodegradable products so you can be sure to use as few resources as possible.

7. Biodegradable 

Instead of composting, some municipalities dispose of bags in landfills or incinerators. Given the plant-based materials used in these dog poop bags, they are much safer for the environment than plastic alternatives. Instead of being petroleum-based, they are made from renewable materials and much less harmful to manufacture and breakdown. They biodegrade just like a twig, depending on how much oxygen they are exposed to.

Are Biodegradable Poop Bags Actually Biodegradable? 

According to experts, manufacturers that claim their bags are biodegradable should have valid and reliable scientific evidence that the entire product will break down and return to nature within a short period. They must prove that their product biodegrades as projected.

However, when thrown in landfills, even the very best and scientifically backed biodegradable plastics do not degrade immediately because of compression and lack of oxygen. For this reason, earth-friendly dog poo bags must be disposed of correctly to get the best results.

Is Bagging Dog Poop Good for the Environment?

Most dog food is nutrient-rich, designed to give your pet a complete and healthy diet. Even so, these pet foods can lead to excess nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus and are released in the environment when dog poop isn’t correctly disposed of. A buildup of these nutrients could create unstable conditions and ecosystems.

How Long Does It Take for Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags to Degrade? 

Plant-based cornstarch and vegetable fibres are typically used for biodegradable poop bags. When you pop these bags in a regular waste bin, they will biodegrade back to their natural materials. They should take up to a year or less to degrade, but the landfill condition can significantly slow the process down. 

Bonnie Bio – Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia 

Do you want the best for your pet, as well as the environment? As a pet owner, you need to have a biodegradable dog poop bag handy. This bag is easy to carry and dispense, making picking up after your pet a breeze.

With more people transitioning towards eco-friendlier products and lifestyles, Bonnie Bio offers a wide range of biodegradable and compostable products as alternatives to plastic products. From garbage bags and dog poo bags to drinking straws and cutlery, we manufacture them for both home use and commercial applications. Our compostable plastic alternatives are made from natural ingredients and internationally certified.

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