The Basics of Bio-Compostable Cutlery from Poly Starch Material

Are you switching to eco-friendly products? It’s about time you do because one of the harmful effects of modern technology is its production of non-biodegradable materials. 

Most plastics are made from fossil fuels, which in turn contribute to pollution and gas emissions. This means that when these plastic products become waste, they will not decompose by biological processes. 

Such a large amount of waste has created enormous environmental problems for years. This is why concerned key players, stakeholders and environmentalists call for plastic reduction solutions. One of which is the use of alternative plastic solutions like manufacturing biodegradable, disposable, bio-based and compostable plastics. 

With this, many companies like Bonnie Bio also embrace the concept of sustainability by creating biodegradable cutlery and disposable cutlery for everyday use.


What Is Compostable Cutlery Made Of?

The Go Green movement has made it possible for people to become environmentally conscious. Now, a lot of businesses have also embarked on manufacturing and selling sustainable products. Creating eco-friendly products not only saves the environment but also contributes to a healthier quality of life.

Compostable cutlery is one product that you can use in the homes and food industries. It comes from natural resources like potato starch or cornstarch.

What’s impressive about compostable cutlery products is their base materials. They are still a type of plastic called bioplastic, but they have the ability to decompose. Although they are similarly crafted as the traditional ones, the materials come from plants.

An important component of compostable cutlery is resin. Traditional forks, knives and spoons use resin made from the crude oil refining process. The process takes place by heating hydrocarbons, which will then undergo polymerisation reactions and ultimately produce polymer resins. Following the process, polymer resins are then moulded into final plastic products, such as bottles, containers and even caps.


With compostable cutlery, the difference is that the resins used come from plant sources. This makes them compostable. The starch-based materials replace petroleum-based polymers, which are responsible for creating carbon footprints.


For decomposition to take place, these materials should be placed in compost facilities where the presence of water, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and microorganisms facilitates decomposition.


Is Bio-Based Cutlery Compostable?

Bioplastics are now used in disposable commodities like packaging, containers, bags and bottles. Bio-based cutlery is fully or partially made from biological resources, such as algae, sugar cane, mycelium and even food wastes. These types of plastics are not made from fossil fuel resources, so they are less toxic to the environment, and they decompose too.


One great benefit of bio-based cutlery and other materials is that they can be organically recycled through industrial composting and anaerobic digestion. When processed correctly, the recycled product turns into valuable biomass that can help grow new plants.


Is Plant Starch Cutlery Biodegradable?

Plant starch cutlery is manufactured using a combination of plastic polymer and starch like potato and corn starch. While some manufacturers use 70 per cent plant sources and 30 per cent plastic, there are already manufacturers today that develop biodegradable cutlery using 100 per cent renewable resources.


Plant starch cutlery is biodegradable because of its naturally made polymers. Meaning, it is capable of decomposing into biomass, carbon dioxide, methane and inorganic compounds. Natural decomposers can digest the polymers without the need for additional resources like industrial facilities.


Biodegradable cutlery is far more environment-friendly than traditional plastics. When they break down, they do not release harmful elements to the environment. Furthermore, biodegradable cutlery reduces the dependence on non-renewable resources.


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