Bonnie Bio – Green Products Are Eco-Friendly

As Australians are becoming more conscious about how their shopping choices affect the environment, many individuals are now choosing green and eco-friendly products. When you say ‘green’, this generally refers to anything that benefits the environment. On the other hand, when we call a product ‘eco-friendly’, this means that the products do not harm the environment. 

Reasons Why Australians Are Going Green

There are many reasons why Australians are opting for green and eco-friendly products. Here are some of them.

1. Saves the Environment

Australians who opt for green and eco-friendly products believe that they are contributing to the preservation of the planet’s resources. With millions of plastics finding their way to our oceans, using green and eco-friendly products is one way of significantly reducing waste pollution. For example, bringing a reusable tote bag with you every time you shop or switching to a reusable sandwich box can cut down plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills and the oceans. 

2. Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

The use of plastics has long been linked to adverse health outcomes due to the harmful chemicals found in plastics. According to a study on the health impacts of plastics, phthalates (i.e. the chemical added to plastics to increase their flexibility) can cause severe adverse health outcomes like cancer, weakened immunity and endocrine disorders among many others. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can be direct or indirect, and it can range from exposure during manufacturing to leaching in food products while using plastic packaging, or even just playing with plastic toys.  

By opting for green and eco-friendly products, Australians are assured that all-natural products are safe for use without having to worry about harmful chemicals. 

3. Lowers Costs

At first glance, green and eco-friendly products are more expensive compared to their non-eco-friendly counterparts. However, in the end, it will actually give you more cost savings. Eco-friendly products are more durable, and they are reusable, allowing you to save money in the long run.

An example of this is a cast iron pan, which is essentially an eco-friendly product. It has a naturally non-stick surface eliminating the need for toxic chemicals found in non-stick cheap pans. It also takes less energy to cook due to its even distribution of heat. 

While the cast iron pan may appear to be more expensive than your ordinary pan, it is built to last. They are virtually indestructible and can be passed from one generation to the next. If you need to purchase a new ordinary pan every 2 years, then it might not be economical and cost-efficient compared to a cast iron pan. 

4. Builds a Brand’s Reputation

If you are a business owner in Australia, aside from saving the environment, going eco-friendly builds your brand’s reputation. Customers expect businesses to be aligned with their causes and advocacies. As most Australians are becoming more environmentally conscious, not only does it create a positive image for your brand, but it also promotes your business. This may result in a loyal following and even potential investors who believe in the same advocacy.

Bonnie Bio – Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

Bonnie Bio is one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly products in Australia. Our products are made from corn starch, allowing it to decompose like paper within 36 months. Nevertheless, our products work in the same way as petroleum-based plastic and you probably will not be able to tell the difference. The following are the different types of products we are currently offering: 

1. Cutlery

Bonnie Bio cutlery looks and feels like plastic, but it is made of corn starch. This eco-friendly product is perfect for parties or events with a large number of guests. Whether you are using these for your parties or a food or catering business, these cutleries will make your life easier as you can simply ask your guests or customers to dispose of them once they are done eating, without the guilt of harming the environment. 

2. Disposable Gloves

Plastic disposable gloves have been contributing to the environment’s pollution problem for as long as we can remember. As disposable gloves have become a necessary item in many industries like food and medical industries, we need to consider a more environment-friendly alternative to disposable gloves. Bonnie Bio compostable disposable gloves make the ideal eco-friendly replacement to plastic gloves as they are as durable as petroleum-based plastic, but made with a completely natural product (i.e. corn starch).  

3. Straws

If you love the feel of plastic straws on your drinks but feel guilty because you think you are harming the environment, this product is perfect for you. Bonnie Bio compostable straws are eco-friendly and 100 per cent toxin-free, making it the ideal environment-friendly replacement. As it is a natural product, it has a shelf life of 18 months. These straws are perfect for your ice-cold drinks, fruit juices, cocktails and many more.  

4. Dog Poop Bags

As an environmentally-conscious dog owner, you can still be plastic-free using Bonnie Bio compostable dog poop bags. What’s great about this product is that you can even compost it at home. If you have a backyard, you can make a compost pit for your dog poop with Bonnie Bio’s compostable poop bags. No need to take it out of the bag. Just drop it in your compost pit and wait until they are fully decomposed. As these bags are compostable, you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into the soil.

5. Rubbish Bags and Bin Liners

Plastic rubbish bags and plastic bin liners will take 20 to 100 years to decompose. Each home will probably have 5 bags of rubbish per week. Can you imagine how much plastic rubbish bags will accumulate in just one month in Australia alone? 

Bonnie Bio rubbish bags and bin liners are the perfect environment-friendly alternatives! Like our compostable dog poop bags, these rubbish bags and bag liners can also be used for your home composts. 


Bonnie Bio aims to make a difference with our internationally certified compostable plastic alternatives. For more information about our products, call us at (03) 9460 5655.