Most garbage we see today is non-biodegradable, which can have a negative impact on our environment. This is because standard plastic survives for a thousand years in a landfill.

Whether traditional plastics are discarded intentionally or not, this rubbish contributes to the increasing problems of garbage disposal, affecting the entire ecosystem.

The good news is that many products today effectively reduce garbage production. For dog waste poop bags, pet owners can find a way to contribute to the depleting ecosystem.

What are these eco-friendly pet waste solutions?

What Is the Most Environmentally Friendly Way to Dispose of Dog Poop?

Although it may be surprising to most people, disposing of dog poop by flushing it down the toilet is still the most effective way to dispose of your pet’s waste.

Your pet’s waste can wash down to streams and other bodies of water when not disposed of properly. Therefore, it can affect the ecosystem by spreading bacteria into creeks and streams without getting the correct treatment from wastewater treatment facilities.

When that happens, not only will it affect the water quality, but it can affect your health too. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to properly dispose of your pet’s waste to prevent such events from happening. 

Here are some other ways to help you address such problems:

[H3] In-Ground Dog Poop Composter.

An in-ground dog poop composter is an efficient way to compost your dog’s excrement and use it as fertilizer for your non-edible plants. Although it can be intimidating, there are a couple of tutorials online that you can follow to create composting dog waste at home. 

Compostable Bags.

If you’re already using dog poop bags, switching to compostable plastic bags is the most effective and least disruptive change you can make to your daily routine. Compostable plastic bags use cornstarch to create eco-friendly bags. They primarily use polylactic acid from sugars in corn starch or sugar cane to create carbon-neutral bags.

However, you need to be cautious when buying such products to ensure that they’re the real deal. Many compostable dog poop bags use misleading claims to sell their products. So, to avoid falling victim to such claims, you need to check the material used to manufacture them.

Dog waste composters from Bonnie Bio are compostable bags made from natural and non-toxic components that are environmentally friendly. These compostable bags degrade in a short span of time. They have been tested and industry approved under AS-4736-2006 standards. This means they underwent rigid testing by third parties.

Do Compostable Dog Poop Bags Work?

Compostable dog poop bags have additives that cause the product to disintegrate rapidly. Although it may take several years for them to decompose naturally, you can speed up the process through composting.

Composting is a natural way for organic materials to break down under oxygen-rich conditions. Putting your compostable bags in spaces with microbial-rich conditions is also excellent for hastening the process. Not only will it speed up the composition process, but it will also help fertilize plants.


Is Dog Poop Eco-friendly?

Dog poop, same with other faecal matter, can pollute waterways by washing off pavements and grass. This can cause an increase in nutrient levels and create an ideal environment for algal blooms to grow. The various bacteria can pollute the waterways, which makes people prone to diarrhea and other health issues.

Letting your dog poop outdoors without disposing of it properly can also cause a pet owner to violate the Companion Animals Act 1998. It is a law that compels the owner or person in charge of a dog from removing the pet’s faeces and disposing of them properly if the dog defecates in a public space. In violation of this law, the person in charge will have to pay a maximum fine of $880.

Bonnie Bio – Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

Dog waste and poops are unpleasant things you have to deal with being an owner. Using dog waste composters provides a lot of conveniences, especially when you bring your dog for a walk outside. Compostable dog poop bags from Bonnie Bio not only shoo away insects, unpleasant odor, and the spread of bacteria. They also keep you organized when it comes to dog poop waste management. 

As a pet owner, it’s highly advisable to stay responsible for your pet wherever you bring him. Choosing eco-friendly products while keeping an eye on your dog is an excellent way to care for the environment.

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