Bonnie Bio advocates the use of internationally certified compostable packaging solutions over conventional plastics. We offer a range of compostable bags, bin liners and cutlery products to provide various industries with reliable yet eco-friendly packaging materials.

The products we offer are made from natural components without chemical additives. We use this formula to provide 100% non-toxic, compostable and highly biodegradable products.

Our products are also designed to break down into water, biomass and CO2 when disposed of properly. They don’t leach hazardous compounds into the natural environment while breaking down. That’s why Bonnie Bio’s products are guaranteed to help free landfills of tons of garbage.

What Is Compostable Food Packaging?

Compostable food packaging is eco-friendly packaging designed to break down or biodegrade more than 90% faster than those that are made of ordinary petroleum-based plastic. Most of these food packaging products are made from recycled and plant-based materials. Therefore, they can safely and quickly return to earth.

The awareness about the harsh effects of global warming and climate change continues to improve. This is one reason why the demand for compostable packaging solutions has increased rapidly. As a result, many compostable packaging suppliers in Australia have been ramping up the supply of environment-friendly food packaging products like compostable bags, biodegradable bags and biodegradable plastic bags.

Aside from the growing awareness, the bold move to shift to compostable food packaging in the country is also triggered by the food industry’s desire to progress in achieving the established Australian National Packaging Targets. The said initiative aims to ensure that all packaging used in the country by 2025 should be compostable, reusable and recyclable.

Materials in Our Compostable Packaging

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of compostable packaging, Bonnie Bio invested a lot of time, effort and resources in developing our products. With the increased use of sustainable packaging and to reduce our reliance on fuel-based plastic in mind, we came up with reliable packaging solutions made from the following materials.

Our Compostable Products

We specialise in the production, distribution and sale of various compostable products all over Australia. Currently, our latest product line-up is made up of the following.

1. Bags

Home compostable multi-purpose bags are among the most in-demand products included in Bonnie Bio’s product lineup. These compostable bags are offered in various sizes. They are ideal for wrapping fresh fruits, sandwiches and food wastes. These compostable bags can also be utilised for planting bagged seedlings and provided in rolls that can be easily popped for use.

2. Cutlery

Our cutlery products, including spoons, forks and knives, are certified BPI compostable and biodegradable. These are offered in different packaging and various quantities. These cutlery products are ideal for use during picnics, takeaways and in school or office lunch boxes. The products are 100% natural, toxin-free and have a 6-month shelf life. Finally, our compostable cutlery products are regarded as a sustainable alternative and proven durable, just like the petroleum-based plastic versions.

3. Bin Liners

We offer a range of compostable bin liners that are ideal for home and office use. These are available in various dimensions and quantities. The liners are provided with a standard design that makes them compatible for use on general waste bins. They can be used just like the standard rubbish bags but break down faster when disposed of properly.

4. Straws

The PLA straws we offer are regarded as the top alternative for plastic straws. Our straws are available in various quantities, diameters and lengths. These are sold as blue-coloured PLA corn starch straws. They are 100% natural, toxin-free and with a shelf-life of up to 18 months. These straws are ideal for use on thin milkshakes, smooth fruit juice, cocktails and ice-cold drinks.

Industries We Cater To

Bonnie Bio has been an advocate of the use of internationally certified compostable plastic packaging solutions for years. Since day one, we’ve never ceased to make a difference by offering our clients more eco-friendly and reliable alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. The majority of our products are intended for use in the following industries.

1. Food

Our compostable packaging solutions are mainly designed for the food industry. Our eco-friendly bags, cutlery tools and straws are carefully made and distributed to the entire region for restaurants and other food production businesses to use.

2. Household

Thousands of households all over the country have benefitted from our eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our latest sales monitoring reveals that a significant amount of our products are consumed by households, and it is known that the demand from the said segment of the market continues to grow.

3. Commercial

Commercial businesses and offices have been purchasing a significant portion of the products we’ve supplied into the market. Most of these businesses make use of our products, such as bin liners and disposable bags, as part of their daily operations.