How Compostable Garbage Bags Can Help Any Household in Australia 

Compostable garbage bags are those black or white trash bags that can make your rubbish day a tad easier. However, they are also capable of sending our planet to the junk pile if not properly disposed of. 

Recently, there has been a study about the differences between biodegradable and compostable trash bags as seen by the garbage-disposal trends. Just as all trash isn’t equal, ‘earth-friendly’ trash bags aren’t equal either. Although similar terms, biodegradable and compostable mean different things. 

Read on to know more about compostable bin bags and if they are truly helpful in every Australian household. 

What Are Compostable Garbage Bags? 

These are upgraded biodegradable trash bags. Unlike biodegradable waste bags, compostable materials can completely break down into natural substances, and they can also turn into something that is advantageous for the soil. 

To consider something that’s legally biodegradable, it should break down in a ‘reasonably short time frame’, whilst compostable items should decompose within 12-24 weeks. 

In order for compostable bin bags to be considered ‘compostable’, they have to meet the following standards: 

  • The product should undergo physical decay. 
  • There should be actual biodegradation. This means that microbial organisms absorb the product at a rate similar to other compostable materials. 
  • At the end of the composting process, all products left should not lessen or damage plant growth.
  • A compostable product must reach or surpass 90% carbon conversion within the material into carbon dioxide. This should occur during a specific time period (180 days). 

With compostable materials, only 10% will return to the soil as compost, and the rest will penetrate our atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. This is based on perfect compostability that uses a high-heat composting facility instead of a home compost bin. Home compost bin can’t reach high temperatures. 

What Can You Do With Compostable Garbage Bags? 

Compostable garbage bags can be composted safely in various ways. That’s why if you’re looking to adopt eco-friendly packaging in your household or business, opt for them instead of the regular ones. 

Some compostable materials must be industrially composted. Hence, they need to be placed with food waste or garden waste for better composting. If you’re disposing of your compostable garbage bags at home, do it via a compost bin or heap. Just make sure the compostable bin bags or films are certified home compostable. 

Are Compostable Garbage Bags Better? 

If we’re going to compare compostable garbage bags with biodegradable trash bags in terms of their environmental impact, the compostable ones are clearly the winner. Not even the best biodegradable bags can beat the compostable trash bag options. 

According to a study, after three years in the soil, biodegradable bags were still able to carry grocery items. Meanwhile, the compostable garbage bags could no longer carry any weight without tearing. Also, these bags did completely break down in a marine environment after three months. 

How Do Compostable Garbage Bags Help the Environment? 

Compostable garbage bags are made from raw natural plant starch that allows the process of natural decomposition. They do not emit toxic material. These bags also break down readily in an industrial composting facility through microorganism activity in order to form compost. 

The following are the main reasons why compostable bin bags are better than those conventional ones. 

  • Eliminate Emission of Carbon 

A step-down of carbon emission during the manufacturing process is one of the main benefits of using compostable garbage bags. These bags also use plant-based materials, so the composting process emits less carbon. 

  • Conserve Non-Renewable Energy Sources 

Unlike traditional plastics that come from treating and heating oil molecules until they turn into polymers, compostable waste bags help save petroleum supplies. They come from natural corn and switchgrass plant resources, which allow these bags to conserve non-renewable energy sources. 

  • Less Energy Consumption 

When it comes to the manufacturing process of compostable bin bags, they require fewer energy amounts. Recycled fossil fuels aren’t necessary as well. As a result, the environmental and pollution impact is significantly minimised. 

  • Contribute a Solution That’s Eco-Friendly 

In order for compostable bin bags to properly break down into plastic pieces, they require recycling or composting. The requirement to get rid of compostable products properly reduces the amount of waste significantly. Otherwise, the waste products would be sent to landfills to dispose of them. Instead of converting the land areas to landfills, they can be utilised for residence, industrial or agriculture applications. 

With regard to waste reduction and being eco-friendly, compostable plastic proves to be significant. A more sustainable and greener future for our planet can be expected with the increased manufacturing and use of compostable products. 

  • Truly Compostable 

You can’t just throw biodegradable trash bags away on your compost pile and think they will eventually decompose. They won’t, considering the temperature won’t get hot enough for them to break down. This comes down to understanding the importance and benefits of composting, one of which is carbon absorption. 

  • Legitimate Disposal Process 

Unlike biodegradable trash bags that usually get thrown into landfills despite having biodegradable contents, compostable garbage bags have a proper disposal process—the compost facility. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to helping our environment, using compostable bin bags is key. 

Bonnie Bio – Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia 

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