Disposable Gloves

Bonnie Bio believes that environmental responsibility and stewardship start with all of us. Whether you uphold this literally or figuratively, you’ll find that the solution is in your hands with Bonnie Bio’s biodegradable disposable gloves. 

A single change can make a world of difference. Simple habits, best practices and guilt-free convenience should be in the palm of your hands. No other disposable gloves in Australia can offer you these benefits whilst helping the environment.

Bonnie Bio compostable solutions are your next step to creating that world of difference whilst keeping your family, staff and business safe and free from toxins and allergens. 

Compostables Are the Present and Future of Sustainability

It only takes a few minutes to use disposable gloves, but it takes decades, even centuries, for these plastics to decompose. Sacrificing the earth’s health for convenience isn’t sustainable and is detrimental to many organisms, including humans, in the long run. Get excellent hand protection whilst saving the environment with compostable and biodegradable disposable gloves. 

Compostables vs Biodegradables

Whilst biodegradable products can be sustainable for the environment, they might not be as sustainable as most people think. This is because some biodegradable products are still interlaced with plastic products that can leach toxins into soil and water. 

On the other hand, plant starch is the main component of compostable products that are as durable and reliable as regular plastic without harmful effects. Not to mention, they decompose within 60 to 90 days.

With the right conditions, compostables break down into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen and readily mix with topsoil to provide nutrients to plants. In the ocean, our compostables do not cause untoward harm to marine animals. 

Bonnie Bio’s compostable disposable gloves in Australia are an amazing green product that guarantees convenience and protection for your wonderful hands. Our disposable gloves look and feel like plastic but won’t take centuries to break down. 

What Makes Bonnie Bio Compostable Gloves Different?

Our compostable disposable gloves derive their components from corn starch, which contains polylactic acid (PLA) that is biodegradable, carbon-neutral and edible. These plant-based materials are further enhanced with the latest biopolymer technology to make the gloves durable, reliable and thick to make them suitable for any task. Compared to regular plastic gloves, the benefits of Bonnie Bio’s compostable gloves are unmatched and heavily outweigh the risks posed by plastic gloves.

Here’s a breakdown comparison of plastic gloves versus Bonnie Bio compostable gloves:

Plastic Gloves

❌ Petroleum-based and dangerous

❌ Toxins, chemicals and microplastics leach into water and soils

❌ Take centuries to decompose

❌ Pollute the environment and harm biodiversity

❌ Low quality 

❌ Contribute to more waste

❌ Unsafe and poisonous

Bonnie Bio Compostable Gloves

✔️Made from cornstarch and plant-based materials

✔️Compostable in 60–90 days

✔️Breaks down into biomass, CO2 and water

✔️Safe for wildlife 

✔️Does not leach toxins, chemicals and microplastics into water and soils

✔️Durable and reliable for any tasks

✔️Safe for human use, free from toxins and allergens 

✔️Less waste

✔️Certified home compostable

What Are the Uses of Bonnie Bio Compostable Gloves?

There are multiple uses for Bonnie Bio’s compostable disposable gloves in Australia, which makes it very reliable and helpful for many occasions. A few ways you can use these compostable gloves are in the following:

  • Food handling 
  • Healthcare industry
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Pet care
  • Grooming
  • Laundry
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Painting 
  • Gardening
  • Dishwashing.

You can have many ways to use our gloves whilst protecting your hands. They also come in different sizes and are ambidextrous for use on either hand. So, make our biotuff gloves an integral part of your household and business for your daily use. All of these whilst keeping the environment clean and safe for the present and future generations. Place your orders now! 

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