Contrary to popular belief that straws are non-essential items in the food industry, they have an important use that will make you change your perception of straws. 

In microbial food handling, it’s hard to know if bottles or glasses from restaurants are safe to place your mouth on. Straws eliminate the need to touch your lips to potentially rusty and dirty bottles and glass mouths. Biodegradable plastic straws have enforced this necessity without harming the environment. 

A Brief History of Straws

Straws originally aimed to allow drinking fermented liquids whilst avoiding sucking in the solids gathered at the bottom. They were made from plant-based materials, such as ryegrass and hollowed-out wood. With the invention of plastic straws, convenience, disposability and easy manufacturing increased its popularity and usage. And along with its popularity, the negative environmental effects of plastics continue to pile up to this day. 

The wildlife has suffered much from the huge amount of plastic straws dumped into landfills and bodies of water for decades. Animals mistake plastic straws for food and once ingested, their internal organs get harmed and injured. 

As environmental stewards, it is our responsibility to prevent any harm from happening to the environment and its inhabitants. This is why Bonnie Bio has its line of biodegradable and compostable plastic straws in Australia. 

The return to plant-based straws, like in ancient times, makes biodegradable plastic straws relevant in modern times. Biodegradable straws have gone through different iterations over the years and with the latest products called compostable straws, we’re finally on the right track to environmentally sustainable practices. 

Bonnie Bio upholds environmental responsibility and stewardship. If you’re looking to share that responsibility with us, there’s no need to look far for biodegradable straws in Australia. You’ll find our compostable straws the best solution to your food business needs, protecting the Earth at the same time.

Paper Straws Vs Compostable Straws

Whilst paper straws are initially believed to be biodegradable and environmentally sustainable, recent research has proved otherwise, and paper straws are now being banned across different countries. This ban is due to the presence of polyfluoroalkyl substances that were discovered to be extremely resistant to environmental breakdown and are also toxic and carcinogenic. This makes paper straws no less different from plastic straws. 

On the other hand, the ‘plastic’ from compostable straws is guaranteed to be 100% plant-based and extracted from cornstarch. Polylactic acid, which is the main component of biopolymers, breaks down into carbon dioxide, biomass and water in 60 to 90 days. This makes our Bonnie Bio compostable straws toxin-free, not leaching harmful chemicals to the soil and water bodies. Our biodegradable plastic straws in Australia feel like real plastic and are as tough and durable.

Benefits of Bonnie Bio’s Compostable Straws

Here is a list of why purchasing and using our compostable straws are the best and most responsible actions you can do to help the environment and improve your household or business:

✔️100% made from plants with no plastic additives

✔️Safe for humans, wildlife and the environment

✔️Breaks down into biomass, CO2 and water

✔️No leaching of toxins into soil and water

✔️Home compostable

✔️Decomposes in 60–90 days

✔️Perfect for cold drinks 

✔️Less waste

✔️FDA approved.

Are you ready to ditch the soggy and messy paper straws and go for the guiltless and environmentally sustainable Bonnie Bio compostable straws? Order now! 

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