Daily human consumption creates metric tons of waste—a problem that continues to grow up to this day. Australians alone produce at least 540 kg of household waste each year, in which 130,000 tonnes of plastics end up going to the waterways and oceans. This further spreads the environmental waste across the world’s coastlines.


Caterers, hotel managers and others working in the food industry know how much they contribute to waste production by using plastics and other tableware that’s made of polystyrene foam. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative that may be able to solve this ongoing problem. 


What Are the Benefits of Edible Cutlery?


Labelled as the future of environmentally friendly utensils, many people see compostable cutlery as an ideal alternative for businesses in the food industry to reduce the demand for single-use plastics and preserve the oceans.

Here are a few other reasons why industries are switching to eco cutlery set:


Ideally Functional


Bio cutlery comes in the shape of spoons, forks and chopsticks, making it an ideal choice for people running a food business. These eco cutlery sets can last for up to 18 months, and you can store them without any worries. Once they have been used, you can put them in a compost pit or pour water on it so that they will eventually degrade in three days.


Highly Nutritious


Whilst the true intent of making compostable cutlery is to lessen the hazards of plastics, do you know that these bio materials can be eaten? No, they don’t have any flavour. The point is bio cutlery is made of natural and edible food components in corn flour, wheat and water, thereby meeting the goal to have them 100% compostable, nutritious and gluten-free.




Plastic products, particularly those used for food packaging, contain high amounts of toxic chemicals that unknowingly lead to a person’s food. These single-use plastics have a concoction of chemicals, including bleaches, dyes and ink. However, eco-friendly cutlery sets only use plant-based materials, so you can guarantee that each item is entirely safe for use.


What Is Compostable Cutlery?


Compostable cutlery is the perfect solution for homeowners and food businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint by producing less waste. Every eco-friendly cutlery set uses bamboo and cornstarch as their primary ingredient. This ensures that they’re 100% sustainable and safe for the environment.


Most of the garbage ends up in landfills, which get covered up once complete. However, many of them also go to the ocean, which heavily affects the global ecosystem. Using eco-friendly alternatives, such as compostable products, can help reduce the trash polluting the soil and the world’s oceans.


How Is Compostable Cutlery Made?


Essentially, both single-use and compostable cutlery go through the same manufacturing process. However, the primary difference is the resin companies use to manufacture them before they pour and cut them from moulds. 


Companies that manufacture compostable cutlery use natural plant sources to make them compostable. Generally, it’s not advisable to dispose of compostable cutlery in landfills. Instead, they are supposed to get sent to commercial compost facilities where they will be disposed of in appropriate environments under ideal conditions that promote decomposition.


Are Compostable Plates Good?


The foremost benefit that compostable plates offer is their positive impact on the environment. Choosing to switch to these plates for a cookout or even in your restaurant means fewer single-use plastic will get disposed of in the local landfill.


When you choose eco-friendly plates and cutlery, you get to reduce the number of toxins you are exposed to when using them. They also don’t pollute the environment with volatile chemical compounds.


In addition, manufacturing compostable plates requires less energy than manufacturing single-use plastics. They quickly decompose, and they don’t deplete nature’s resources because these products are made from renewable sources.


But what’s best about compostables is that they provide people with the option to reduce their carbon footprint. As the effects of climate change start to become apparent, it’s up to everyone to do their part in reducing their waste products in every way they can. Using compostable plates is an excellent option to help the environment by reducing the trash that goes to the landfill.


Bonnie Bio: Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

Every compostable cutlery set is entirely eco-friendly as it can degrade in a short period. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for people who want to help the environment in their everyday lives, no matter how small. 

As more people become aware of the environment and how their choices affect everyone, choosing compostable cutlery products is a great alternative to keep our world safe.

If you want to know more about these products, check out our compostable products at Bonnie Bio. From cutlery, straw and disposable gloves to rubbish bags and bin liners, they are all eco-friendly products that are also friendly to your budget.

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