The need for sanitation has risen exponentially in today’s world. And in this, gloves are necessary.

Gloves play a crucial role in the sanitation industry for food outlets, hospitals and pet care applications. Avoiding contact between our hands and the product or material is critical to promoting personal and product sanitation.

Whilst trying to solve this issue, plastic gloves have been extensively used. However, plastic gloves are harmful. Plastic can take centuries to decompose properly and result in many environmental concerns. This makes buying more sustainable and environmentally friendly options like compostable gloves a good alternative to consider.

Why Should You Buy Compostable Gloves?

The accumulation of plastic is a growing concern for the planet. Sustainable options for products should be used to promote better unity with nature. Whilst biodegradable options seem like a good alternative, they are still interlaced with plastic, which leaches toxins into water and soil. 

Nowadays, compostable options are the one of the best options to promote sustainability. In particular, compostable gloves are green products that don’t need hundreds of years to break down. They break down biomass, carbon dioxide and water under a composting environment.

Where to buy gloves, you ask? You’ll find a lot of suppliers but opt for  sustainable options in the form of compostable gloves. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Compostable Gloves?

The main advantages that set compostable gloves apart and should convince you to buy them instead of the plastic ones are as follows:

  • Non-toxic

Compostable gloves have zero toxins and can be used freely in many fields. They have no harmful chemicals, making them suitable for usage, especially in the food industry and healthcare facilities. This is unlike plastic options made with petroleum and other chemicals, which may not be ideal for extensive use or contact with food.

  • Easily compostable

The gloves only take about 60 to 90 days to become helpful compost under the right composting environment. This is unlike plastic gloves, which take decades or even centuries to break down entirely. Keeping the interests of the environment in mind, compostable gloves are better options and get the job done effectively. 

  • Plant-based materials

Compostable gloves are made from plant-based materials. They are cruelty-free and don’t harm any part of the ecosystem. The minimal usage of harmful chemicals and only environment-friendly materials paints a stark contrast to how plastic gloves are created.

  • Safe for wildlife

When we use plastic gloves and dispose of them, wildlife is likely to encounter small plastics like gloves and consume them. These plastic pieces play a significant role in the mortality rates of animals trying to find food and accidentally ingesting them. On the other hand, compostable options are designed to be safe for wildlife.

Where Are Compostable Gloves Used?

  • Food industry

Workers and chefs must wear gloves whilst working or cooking to prevent the transfer of harmful germs from their hands to the food. With thousands of glove pairs used daily, compostable gloves have a vast application in the food industry.

  • Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry, including all medical professionals, uses gloves whilst treating patients. This is done to prevent the transfer of pathogens from the patient to the doctor. New gloves are used with every patient to maintain sanitation. Compostable options can significantly impact the environment through applications in this industry.

  • Pet care

Pet grooming workers also wear gloves to prevent the transfer of substances from the pet to the worker’s body. Fleas and bacteria can be harmful if contacted, so new gloves are used regularly while grooming dogs. Compostable options are useful in this case as they are a more friendly option for pets.

  • Gardening

Whilst gardening, gloves are worn to prevent direct contact with dirt, which can lead to the consumption of harmful chemicals. Gardening also involves working with insecticides and pesticides, which should not be ingested. These are enough reasons to wear gloves, especially compostable ones that are sustainable for a better carbon footprint.

  • Automobile maintenance

Vehicle maintenance can get very messy, which is why all workers use gloves whilst working. This helps them avoid coming in contact with grease. Compostable options are also well suited to this industry and can bring significant change if implemented well.

Bonnie Bio: Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

If you are wondering where to buy gloves, look no further than Bonnie Bio. Our compostable options for everyday products are designed to suit your needs and promote better decisions with environmental concerns in mind. Simple habits can bring about significant future change, potentially rescuing the environment from destruction due to current trends.

At Bonnie Bio, our compostable gloves are excellent alternatives to plastic gloves and are better suited for sustainability. These can be extensively used for hygiene and safety purposes in the food industry, medical field, pet grooming, gardening and other industries.

For more details about our compostable products, contact us today.