The True Benefits of Biodegradable Trash Bags


Plastics are made to be durable. Unfortunately, their durability can lead to serious environmental issues as they do not break down naturally. Plastics are also one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution. To help address this issue, biodegradable plastic bags are created. 


The choice of plastic bag you want to use may seem like an insignificant decision, but it can have a tremendous effect on the environment. One step towards sustainable living is to make a conscious effort in choosing eco-friendly products and understanding the different labels attached to green living that will help you make better choices. 


What Are Biodegradable Plastic Bags?


Biodegradable bags are made from synthetic compounds that easily break down with the help of living microorganisms in the soil. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, but biodegradable plastics degrade into biomass, carbon dioxide and water naturally with time. Because they are eco-friendly, many choose to use biodegradable trash bags in their daily waste management.


There are different types of biodegradable plastics, such as PHAs, PLAs, cellulose and plant starch blends. Nowadays, you can also find many eco-friendly products but differentiating various ‘green’ labels can be overwhelming. Among the most common terms you will encounter are:


Biodegradable plastic: Refers to plastic that can naturally break down into organic materials with the help of living organisms. 


Bioplastic: Refers to plastic that is made from renewable materials. However, there are bioplastic products that are not biodegradable or compostable, which means they cannot break down naturally.


Compostable plastic: Refers to plastic that requires certain conditions for it to break down. Compostable plastics usually require composting facilities.  


What Are the Advantages of Using Biodegradable bags?


Reduces the amount of waste

The more plastic we use, the more it will accumulate in the landfill or incinerator, which requires a significant amount of energy to eliminate. Using biodegradable bags means we are helping reduce the amount of waste that could accumulate in the landfill and sea.


Consumes less energy

The production of biodegradable garbage bags requires less energy. It uses less fossil fuel, thus fewer greenhouse gases. The production of corn-based polymers requires 65% less energy compared to the typical petroleum-based polymer. 


Moreover, the manufacture of biodegradable bags does not require processes like assessing and transporting hydrocarbons, which saves more on energy use. 



Another benefit of biodegradable plastic bags is the ability to compost, making the soil rich. As they are not made from harmful chemicals, the soil can absorb the plastics safely. The materials from the products may even improve soil water retention while providing nutrients to the surrounding plants. 


Eco-friendly solution

The world is looking for ways to help the environment, and one of the ways is creating products that are eco-friendly, such as biodegradable garbage bags. 


Plastics are the main contributor to waste, and with our huge dependence on plastics, ditching plastic use can be difficult. However, with the availability of biodegradable bags, the world is given an alternative that is eco-friendly. 


Less petroleum consumption

The use of biodegradable plastic bags means less need for petroleum-based products. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource, and it negatively impacts the environment because of the amount of waste released from its extraction to refinement. 


Reduces carbon emission

Compared to regular plastic production, biodegradable plastic bags produce less carbon emission because they do not consume a lot of fossil fuel during processing and manufacturing. Even during the composting process, the material releases less carbon footprint than the usual plastic. 


How Long Does It Take To Decompose Biodegradable Plastic Bags?

Biodegradable plastics usually take around six months to decompose as long as they are exposed to light and oxygen. Some may take a while if the environment is not conducive enough for the living organism to break it down.

Are Biodegradable Trash Bags Good for the Environment?


There might be some disagreements about how effective biodegradable garbage bags are in helping the environment. Some claims point to the failure of these bio bags in helping reduce waste as they do not decompose as expected. They may also stay in the environment for a couple of years. 


It is important to note that certain companies and products tend to mislead their consumers into believing their products are ‘green’ or environmentally friendly. 


The real biodegradable products are:

  • Able to break down faster than the typical plastic products
  • Non-toxic for the environment as they break into organic materials, water vapour and carbon dioxide
  • Made from sustainable or plant-based materials, such as corn-starch, wheat or sugarcane. 

How Effective Is It to Use Biodegradable Plastic Bags?

Biodegradable plastic bags are effective when they are being disposed of properly. Many restaurants and business owners choose to use these bags because they are eco-friendly but are unaware of the ways to dispose of them accordingly. 


Biodegradable plastic bags should end up recycled in a plant or compost mound rather than in landfills because they will be buried deep in the landfills. When this happens, these plastics will be difficult to decompose due to the lack of oxygen needed for the necessary bacteria to thrive. 


Bonnie Bio – Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia


The benefits of using biodegradable plastic bags, especially among business owners, can make a big difference in helping the environment. Today, you can find many eco-friendly products in the market, and this is a good indicator of how we are working towards a sustainable future for our planet Earth. Nonetheless, it is important for consumers to be smart and discerning when choosing what products are really made to benefit the environment. 


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