Going green is the new way to go when it comes to gloves and packaging for business. Why? It is a win-win situation where you can greatly benefit from compostable gloves and packaging whilst helping the environment.

Read on to know why many businesses in Australia are switching to this option and why you should do the same.


What Are Compostable Products?


Compostable products are items that can be broken down by composting, which occurs when organic materials are mixed together and placed in a warm, moist environment.


Whilst composting is a natural process that can occur without assistance, compostable products are designed to speed up the process and the materials will break down into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. As a result, they are often made from compostable materials, such as paper, cardboard or plant-based plastics.


Why Should You Use Compostable Products?


According to the report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia produced 76 million tonnes of waste in 2018–2019, and 2.5 million tonnes of it are plastic. Most of these plastics end up in the ocean and are eaten by marine animals, which causes their death. In addition, there is also the threat of microplastics being ingested by humans.

Compostable disposable products are one of the ways we can minimise these threats. These are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional items, such as plastic bags and styrofoam cups.

Businesses and Compostable Disposable Gloves

As a business, it is important to find ways to reduce your negative environmental impact. One way you can do this is by using compostable disposable gloves. These gloves are made of biodegradable materials that can be composted along with organic waste. This means they will not end up in landfills and will instead return nutrients to the soil.


What Kind of Businesses Can Use Compostable Disposable Gloves?


  • Restaurants—Whether you are prepping food or cleaning up after a meal, these gloves can help to keep your hands clean and sanitary.
  • Food Trucks—If you sell food on the go, compostable disposable gloves can assist in ensuring that your customers’ meals are handled safely and hygienically.
  • Cafes—This type of gloves keep food/drinks clean and prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Gardening Centres—For those who sell plants or garden supplies, these gloves will keep your hands clean whilst working with dirt and chemical solutions.
  • Yoga Studios—If you offer yoga classes, compostable gloves can help keep your hands clean whilst you are working with clients.
  • Market—From handling money to picking up groceries, there are many opportunities for us to pick up unwanted bacteria if you do not use compostable disposable gloves.
  • Healthcare—In hospitals or clinics, it is important to maintain proper sanitation to avoid outbreaks and to ensure the patients’ health.
  • Manufacturing—They help to protect workers from harmful chemicals and materials, and they can also help to prevent contamination. In addition, it reduces the risk of harsh chemicals from having contact with our skin.


The Benefits of Using Compostable Gloves for Australian Businesses


There are numerous benefits to using these compostable disposable gloves. Some of them are the following: 

• Decomposes Fast


Compostable disposable gloves naturally and quickly break down, so they will not pollute the environment or stay in landfills for centuries. They are also made from non-chemical materials so they will not create microplastics.

• Serves as Fertilisers


Compostable disposable gloves are usually made from plant-based materials (cornstarch, bamboo, etc.), which can be composted. This means that the gloves will break down into a form that can be used to provide nourishment for the soil, which promotes better plant growth. This way, you can spend less money on buying expensive fertilisers. It can also be an alternative to traditional synthetic fertilisers that may pollute the environment.

• Good for Those With Sensitive Skin


Compostable gloves are often made from natural materials such as latex, which can be gentle on the skin. They are also generally more comfortable to wear and provide a better fit. This can be important for businesses that require their employees to wear gloves for long periods of time.


Bonnie Bio: Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia


If you want to help save the environment, Bonnie Bio offers gloves that will allow you to do so. We comply with the Australian standard, which is AS 4736-2006. Our gloves are made from corn starch and designed to break down into CO2, water and biomass. There is also no harsh chemical added and will become compost in the span of three to six months.


Bonnie Bio is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gloves. Our compostable disposable ones are not only good for the environment, but they also offer a number of other benefits, such as improving soil quality and promoting plant growth. By using compostable products, you can help create a healthy environment for humans, plants and animals. 


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