Every other day, there seems to be a new ‘green’ trend sweeping the nation. More and more people are becoming interested in doing their part to help the environment, even if it is something as simple as using recyclable grocery bags or bringing a reusable water bottle with them everywhere they go.

Do you know that there is a new way to help make your home more eco-friendly? The answer is compostable garbage bags and bin liners! Do you want to learn more about this exciting new development and take part in it? Read on.

What Are Compostable Garbage Bags and Bin Liners?

Compostable garbage bags and bin liners are made from a variety of plant-based materials, such as cornstarch, rice hulls or cellulose. Some manufacturers will use a mix of these materials to create a stronger bag or liner. The thickness of the compostable bag or liner may also vary, but it is typically thicker than regular garbage bags and bin liners.

Compostable garbage bags and bin liners work the same way as regular garbage bags and bin liners, except that they will break down over time when exposed to the right conditions (e.g. moisture, heat and oxygen). This means that they can be placed in home compost bins and commercial composting facilities.

Benefits of Using Compostable Garbage Bags and Bin Liners

The environmental benefit is perhaps the primary take in using compostable garbage bags and bin liners over regular ones. Because they break down over time, they are less likely to end up in landfills. Their renewable material composition is better for the environment compared to how plastic bags or liners are made.

Using compostable garbage bags and bin liners is also very convenient, especially if you have a garden and do your own compost. You can use them for all your vegetable and fruit peelings, leftover food scraps and waste. Simply throw them away into your compost bins and wait until everything is fully decomposed and ready for your garden!

How Fast Do Compostables Decompose Completely?

Compostable garbage bags and bin liners will completely break down once they are full of organic waste. It takes a few months to a year, depending on the conditions in which compostables are stored. Once broken down, they will turn into compost, which can be used to fertilise gardens or other plants.

Which Is Better: Biodegradable or Compostable?

The main difference between biodegradable and compostable materials is that compostable materials will break down into nutrient-rich organic matter, whilst biodegradable materials will simply break down into smaller pieces over time. Compostable materials can be used to improve soil fertility, therefore, they are considered better for the environment.

Some compostable materials will require industrial composting facilities to break down properly. So, it is important to check the packaging of your compostable garbage bags and bin liners to see what conditions are required for them to break down. If you are unsure whether your local composting facility can accept compostable garbage bags and bin liners, it is best to contact them directly to find out.

In general, compostable materials will cost more than biodegradable materials. This is because they require more processing to break down properly. However, many people feel that the extra cost is worth it if it means reducing their impact on the environment.

Where Can You Buy Compostable Garbage Bags and Bin Liners in Australia?

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