If you think that you are doing good work in helping the environment when you throw away your dog’s excretions using plastic or biodegradable bags, you are wrong. Instead of reducing waste issues, you are still assisting in the production of materials that are polluting our landfills and oceans.


If you truly want to help nature, it is time to change into compostable dog poop bags.


Read on to know more about this type of animal waste container and the benefits of switching to it.


The Danger of Using Plastic and Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

In 2018, the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, together with some state agencies, worked with the Australian Plastics Recycling Survey to get statistics about plastic usage. In their study, they found out that 3.4 million tonnes of plastics were consumed in Australia from 2017 to 2018. All these materials can find their way into our bodies of water and affect the animals living in them. They also leave toxic chemicals and take 500 years to decompose.


In short, by using plastic instead of biodegradable dog poop bags, we are slowly destroying our planet and causing different species of animals to die. To combat this alarming issue, biodegradable items have entered the market. However, despite the seemingly earth-friendliness of these items, they still pose a risk for the environment because they are also capable of producing chemicals. Also, biodegradable plastics still take some time before they break down.


Why Switch to Compostable Plastics? 

When we say biodegradable, it usually refers to items that disintegrate faster than plastics. But they can still be harmful to the environment because they leave toxic residues or microplastics that animals and humans can ingest.


Compostable products are better because they allow faster disposal by decomposing naturally when in an oxygen and microbe-rich area. There are no microplastics left behind, and they turn into biomass, water and carbon dioxide (CO2), which can be later used in fertilising plants. They also do not produce any toxic materials as they break down.


Overall, compostable materials are more eco-friendly than biodegradable products.


How Will You Know If a Poop Bag Is Compostable?

Biodegradable products and those that are compostable are often mistaken as the same thing. However, there are markings that you can look for to spot the difference.

In Australia, if they meet the standards for compostability AS 4736, they will have a symbol with the word ‘compostable’ in it.


Benefits of Using Compostable Dog Poop Bags

Every year, wastes in landfills are piling up and thousands are in danger due to plastic overload. How can we save our Earth?

You can make a difference by choosing compostable dog poop bags for your dog’s poop. Compared to plastics and biodegradable bags, compostables are unique and environment-friendly products that do not have chemicals.

If you are looking for an alternative to plastics and biodegradable materials when cleaning your dog’s excretion, compostable dog poop bags are your best choice.

Here are some of the advantages of using this type of dog poo bag:


Faster Decomposition Time

Plastics can take up to 500 years before they break down, while compostable dog poop bags only take three to six months. They are made from natural plant starch so they can easily decompose when there is oxygen and microbial activity.


Can Be Used as Fertiliser

When you use plastics when picking up your dog’s poop, you are adding to the mountain-high amount of waste in landfills and endangering the lives of animals. You throw the trash away and you no longer gain anything from it. This is not the case with compostable products. As the name suggests, compostable dog poop bags can turn into compost that you can use for your plants or vegetation. 


So in the end, you are able to dispose of your dog’s waste, help the environment and nourish your garden. It is a win-win situation.


No Toxic Chemicals

Unlike biodegradable dog poop bags, compostables leave no harmful substances when they decompose. They do not produce microplastics that are harmful to both humans and animals. These fragments of plastics can lead to death of marine creatures and can cause damage to human cells if they get mixed in food.


Bonnie Bio: Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

If you want to help save the environment, Bonnie Bio offers compostable bags. Our compostable dog poop bags are sustainable and one of the best dog poop bags. We create certified compostable products that can be a great substitute for plastic products; they are made from corn starch and are designed to break down back into CO2, water and biomass.


In addition to dog poo bags, we also offer the following products:

  • Rubbish bags and bin liners
  • Straws
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cutlery 


We can assure you that Bonnie Bio’s compostable products contain no harsh chemicals, making them toxin-free. These products look and feel like the common plastics, but they go back to earth quicker than biodgradables do.

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