Compostable straws are eco-friendly straws made from various plant starches. These are designed to decompose faster compared to the conventional plastic variants, especially when disposed of in a proper composting environment. As such, this type of straw is a more environmentally friendly option than traditional plastic straws.

The main difference between plastic and biodegradable plastic straws is their material composition. The compostable variant is made from biodegradable materials, whilst the other is made from conventional plastic. As a result, it only takes a short while for the compostable straws to decompose, which helps free dumpsites from excessive waste loads.

Generally, compostable straws are intended to replace plastic straws. Due to this, the variants made from biodegradable plastic are used just like the plastic version. In most cases, these are used in the food industry, especially by food joints that specialise in serving takeaway foods.


What Are the Advantages of Using Compostable Straws?

Using compostable or biodegradable plastic straws is proven to offer a lot of benefits. However, the most significant of these are the following.


• Affordable

One of the benefits of compostable straws is that they are more affordable than the other biodegradable plastic alternatives. Compostable straws cost less to manufacture, which makes them a more economical choice for consumers. 


In addition, compostable straws break down into natural materials that can be used to fertilise the soil, so they benefit the environment. On the other hand, the other biodegradable plastic straw alternatives can take more years to decompose and release harmful toxins into the ground. Thus, compostable straws are a more sustainable and affordable option.

• Durable

Another benefit that compostable straws provide is durability. They will not break down or bend quickly. As such, they can be conveniently used for hot and cold beverages. 

• Eco-friendly

One way to do our part to reduce pollution and protect our planet is by choosing biodegradable products, like compostable straws.


Compostable straws are made from materials that can be broken down naturally by microorganisms. This means they won’t add to the growing plastic pollution problem.


Compostable straws are better for the environment and can also be used to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional or other biodegradable plastic straws, choose compostable straws.


Compostable Overview: Compostable Vs Biodegradable

The terms ‘compostable and ‘biodegradable’ are amongst the most commonly interchanged terms to indicate that they are environmentally friendly. And although they may appear similar, these terms have a number of differences. What are these?


• Material Composition

Compostable straws are made from organic matter and can be conveniently broken down into compost under normal conditions. As a result, you can throw these straws into your garden compost heap and expect them to turn into compost.


On the other hand, biodegradable plastic straws are made from biodegradable materials that allow them to be broken down by various living organisms or bacteria. 

• Required Method of Disposal

Compostable straws can be conveniently disposed of. These can be accepted in a composting centre or mixed into a compost heap. 


Although bacteria and other living organisms can break them down, biodegradable plastic straws require special disposal. This is because they will only correctly break down in suitable conditions. Also, biodegradable plastic straws will most likely break down just like regular plastics when not correctly disposed of.

• Period of Decomposition

Compostable straws are designed to decompose fast. Typically, these straws will be fully broken down when disposed into a compost heap within 12 weeks. And the good thing is that they can be used as fertiliser upon reaching this state.


Meanwhile, biodegradable plastic straws are expected to break down faster than conventional plastic when disposed of in a special facility. However, they don’t decompose more quickly than compostable straws. 

Considering the information provided earlier, it is correct to conclude that compostable straws are biodegradable. But not all biodegradable plastic straws are compostable.


Where to Buy Compostable Straws?

Using compostable straws continues to become a standard practice all over Australia and the rest of the world. Due to this, many sellers are now selling this type of straw. With the abundance of options, you should buy your compostable straws only from reputable sources.


• Local Shops

Buying compostable straws from one of the local shops in your area is an excellent option. This ensures that you get the best products because these shops are conscious of their image in the community. Thus, they will not dare to sell substandard products.

• Online Sellers

Buying online is a convenient way of sourcing compostable straws. But when you decide to take this option, ensure you deal with legitimate sellers. Make sure to check the ratings and the previous customer feedback of the online seller before purchasing from them.

• Bonnie Bio

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Bonnie Bio: Sustainable Compostable Packaging in Australia

Shifting from the use of plastic straws to compostable variants is an excellent way to go green. Given the abundance of products sold in the market claiming that they are compostable although they are not, you need to be extra careful in choosing where to buy.

If you plan to buy compostable straws, make sure you’ll buy from a reputable seller. Get your supplies only from Bonnie Bio. We make sure you get the right product at the best price. Contact us today.